Whisper of hope

I heard faint whispers,

Whispers of hope, even in the dark,

But, accompanied by dim light of the stars.

Whispers of my unknown name,

Lingered in my ears,

Soothing and delicate,

Like I have known them for years.

Casting shapes in the clouds,

Only I can figure out from the ground.

This whisper of hope,

though faint and dim,

Glide flawless with the wind,

Collecting all my strengths

Beyond infinity.

This whisper of hope,

Digging dreams from my depth,

Taking them to my consciousness.

It let my calmness to grow,

Rhythm of my song to flow.

But I am the amplifier

Of this faint whisper,

Whisper of hope.


Via daily prompt: faint

A cloaked face

Like the past six months, today was also the same day for Adrian. He drove again 10 km away from his home to visit the same person who lives in a dark room with not a single ray of light, always covered with a blanket no matter what is the weather outside. An uncommon attire from where you can only see the eyes blinking, as if no other body part is alive inside. He had the same 5 min conversation with this person and asked the same questions again, “Please tell me did you see her?  Did you saved her? At least just tell me did she tell anything about me? How can you be so rude? You know very well I am continuously coming here to ask the same questions that only you can answer. On one hand you tell me that you saved every single being from that tragedy, yet you don’t tell me about my love, my life. But still I will not give up. I will come again and again for my love”.

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A Missing understanding

Two mouths moving,

Yet saying nothing.

Two hands approaching,

Yet scared of touching.

Four eyes staring,

Holding the same canvas,

But depicting different etchings,

Giving rise to misguided feelings.

Whispers rise into gaping ears,

Echoes of inequitable and sense of withdrawal,

Full of ire leading to misjudgment,

Coercively proving each other wrong.

To feed their ego, to neglect their dispute,

They stop explaining and chose to be mute.

With conversations of half sentences,

They planted the seed of misunderstanding,

With the other half of their sentences,

Becoming the root of conflicts and antipathy.

Their chaotic silence of hatred,

Burgeoning the desperation

For distance and separation,

Based on the trivial assumptions.

But it is a simple complication,

Of their miscommunication.

For our friendship..

For our friendship

I work hard and hard,

For never letting it go,

Though I’m not onboard.

But I can’t risk it on fate,

I’ll keep trying whatever it takes.

 I’ll be there to experience it all,

Whether it’s rough or gentle, calm or chaos.

I’ll be there when you lose grip,

To salvage our precious friendship.

I’ll drag you from no sense to direction, no star to guide,

I’ll show you the truth that you need to abide,

Though it might lead to risking our bond.

But don’t worry my friend,

I’ll stand like a lighthouse,

On the shore of your heart.

To be your light, guidance of your path


Via Daily prompt: risky.




Conflicted psyche..

Swirling thoughts,

A tornado of insights,

Wandering at midnight,

In the gardens of both gentle and vile,

With parallel ends that will never meet.

Sitting here in my own mind,

Consuming it as a whole,

Like a black hole.

Falling into the pits,

Of my own conscious,

In the search of a golden thread of destiny,

To secure its absolute certainty,

By ignoring the question of its reality.

It’s an endless cycle,

With the repetitive recital.

Where the time simply slips into the void,

To fill my soul with lies,

Pretending them to be real and wise.





Let me own who I am..

Who gave you the right,

To tame the chaos in me,

To imprison the fire in me.

To put the label of feminine on me,

Just to ensure, the voices died within me.


Who gave you the right,

To clip my wings,

To make my belief , a sin.

To judge my caliber by my looks

To use my tenderness just like a tool.


Who gave you the right,

To impede my raising voice,

To ignore my wisdom,

to notch my choice.


Now mark my words,

Educe it in your heart,

I am a woman, I am a legend,

With independent opinion and conception.

Searching for a sword, rather than a knight,

Now, Set me free, let me live with my rights.

Let my dreams become my vision,

Let me own who I truly am.


Via Daily prompt: Tame



I was nominated for “The Liebster Award”

My second award. Many many thanks to “The thoughtful brain” for nominating my blog for “The Liebster Award”. I am really glad you enjoy my writings and hope the same in the future.

liebster award

So here are the answers to the questions which are asked by “The thoughtful Brain”

Q1. How did you discover the passion for writing?

Ans: I started writing after getting inspired from one of my dear friend. For me, he is the greatest writer and quite an inspiration for me. This inspiration opened up my path of passion for writing.

Q2. What are the qualities of a blogger?

Ans: Consistent and organized with the writing schedule, Passionate for their writings which can be felt from their aspect of writing and interested in helping the fellow bloggers.

Q3. Describe love in your own words.

Ans: Love is a fall to rise, to grow. It is a power of connection and devotion which exceeds far more than forces of hate. Love is a glue to a broken foundation, to convene the scattered fragments.

Q4. Who inspires you for writing your amazing posts?

Ans: My own self, My fellow bloggers, the surroundings around me and definitely wordpress daily prompts.

Q5. If you get an opportunity to visit the future then what will be the first thing that you will look at in the future?

Ans: To be honest, I don’t want to look in the future. I like surprises, though I want all of them to be good and happy, like a sparkle in my life🙂.

Q6. Working hard for a bright future or going back to the past to rectify the mistakes . What is ur choice?

Ans: Working hard for a bright future. And yes, if rectifying my mistakes in past will lead to better future, ill definitely try to rectify my mistakes.

Q7. Do you think that your writings are powerful enough to influence people?

Ans: Till now, I am sure my writings are influencing myself. I learn a lot from my writings itself. For others, I hope I give them my little ray of sunshine to their lives through my little efforts of writing.

Q8. A billion dollars every month or following your passion. What’s ur choice?

Ans: Definitely the latter one. Following passion is much more satisfactory than having billion dollars every month. Plus, I am not very good at managing all the money and tries to be away from this stress.

Q9. What makes you blog often?

Ans: Its quite simple, I love writing and reading the amazing posts of so many talented bloggers. So I blog often to stay tuned.

Q10. Your favorite blogger? Why is he/she your favorite blogger?

Ans: Well, I want to write so many names. They all are so talented and helps me in looking at a wide picture of life, thoughts and much more.

If I have to name one, I will say, Nitesh Mishra of Sketches by Nitesh is my favorite because he is an honest and talented writer, quite true to his beliefs and thoughts who is passionate and consistent in his writings. I love his way of depicting the social disputes and dilemmas. In addition, I love his sketches and paintings.

My nomination for the Liebster award are:

  1. Sketches by Nitesh
  2. A thought process
  3. Living what you love
  4. Fortunately Human
  5. Megha’s World
  6. Opinionated Head
  7. Surviving the struggle to success
  8. Thespiritkeeper
  9. Forgotten meadows
  10. Sage, letters to myself

Rules for accepting this award-

  • Create a new post thanking the person who nominated you, links their blog. Include award graphic.
  • Answer the questions provided.
  • Make a new set of 10 questions for your nominees to answer.
  • Nominate 10 others and share your post with them so they see it.

My questions:

  1. What does writing mean to you?
  2. How do you inspire yourself for writing?
  3. When do you prefer to write, daytime or night?
  4. What do you prefer, winning a debate or letting the person win for his happiness? Why?
  5. What is your thought regarding the change in our destiny? Can we really change it?
  6. According to you, what is the definition of Friend?
  7. Who is your favourite writer/poet? Why?
  8. Whom do you like more, an introvert or an extrovert?
  9. Any one of your happy moments (if you want to share).
  10. Name any two of your favorite bloggers and why do you like their writings.


Via daily prompt: Sparkle



A word with my subconscious mind (part II)

“Well hello again, how have been you doing lately”, a faint yet coercive voice break within me. It was familiar but not an upbeat.

I ignored at first, but it kept disturbing me again and again. I could not help but replied, “I am doing great. Now can you please leave me alone”. And then I kept myself busy cooking something, especially for me. A best way to divert my mind.

Well it didn’t work. My subconscious mind, my selective memory is not letting me go. I had no choice but to deal with it. So I talked to it.

“You are doing great, huh? Well, I must say, you can lie to yourself quite smoothly. I am impressed. But I have a doubt. Can you clear it?” it said with a calm voice.

I replied, “You always have doubts. Why can’t you figure it out yourself? Anyways, tell me your doubt. I hope you get your answer this time”.

It continued, “If you are doing great, then why the hell are you bothering me? Why the hell are you keeping me awake? I need some rest dude.”

I got enraged and shouted, “What the hell is wrong with you? I am struggling here with myself, trying to figure out my problems, giving my situation the name of mood swings and all you care about is your sleep.”

After shouting, I got calm down and suddenly realised my food was burning. The smell irritated me more. Oh shit, I ruined it.

Anyways, as I said, my subconscious piece of mind, was having a lot interest talking to me lately, so it continued, “Dude, are you even listening to yourself. You just admitted you are struggling with something. What is it? You can talk to me. I am the first and last person who can listen to you endlessly without interrupting, who can understand you. I told you earlier also, I am your friend. Don’t make me your enemy. Let me listen to you. Let me talk to you so that we both can sleep. Obviously i’ll sleep after doing my job, talking, well listening to you”.


PS: It’s an extension of one of my previous posts. Few of you must have read it earlier. Those who want to read the previous post, here’s the link, A word with my subconscious mind.. 


We are the forever that doesn’t exist.

We are the forever,

That doesn’t exist.

We are the forever,

That comes and leaves.

Existence is a concept,

With its own predicament.

For some, being brief and finite,

For some till perpetual point.

But we,

the fleeting existence,

In world of constant transitions,

Either trying to transform our existence,

Or continue to maintain our presence.

We are the thoughts,

Spiral in circles of existence,

Coming and going 

Back and forth,

With every coming generation.

With one idea comes,

Another gets forgotten.

All we see, all we feel,

Is a Illusion or reality?

Questioning it,

Is itself a mystery.


We are the forever,

That doesn’t exist.

We are the forever,

That comes and leaves.