For our friendship..

For our friendship

I work hard and hard,

For never letting it go,

Though I’m not onboard.

But I can’t risk it on fate,

I’ll keep trying whatever it takes.

 I’ll be there to experience it all,

Whether it’s rough or gentle, calm or chaos.

I’ll be there when you lose grip,

To salvage our precious friendship.

I’ll drag you from no sense to direction, no star to guide,

I’ll show you the truth that you need to abide,

Though it might lead to risking our bond.

But don’t worry my friend,

I’ll stand like a lighthouse,

On the shore of your heart.

To be your light, guidance of your path


Via Daily prompt: risky.




25 Replies to “For our friendship..”

    1. I am surprised, because these are the lines which came out just like that. But yeah, it’s true that I was completely in the moment while writing it. So it came out well. Thanks for your appreciation..☺️☺️


      1. U gotta check out one of my blogs titled betrayal that i wrote for one of my cousin to bring her to the track n how did i ruined our relation n so i wrote a poetry on that… Do check n give ur precious feedback so that

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