A cloaked face

Like the past six months, today was also the same day for Adrian. He drove again 10 km away from his home to visit the same person who lives in a dark room with not a single ray of light, always covered with a blanket no matter what is the weather outside. An uncommon attire from where you can only see the eyes blinking, as if no other body part is alive inside. He had the same 5 min conversation with this person and asked the same questions again, “Please tell me did you see her?  Did you saved her? At least just tell me did she tell anything about me? How can you be so rude? You know very well I am continuously coming here to ask the same questions that only you can answer. On one hand you tell me that you saved every single being from that tragedy, yet you don’t tell me about my love, my life. But still I will not give up. I will come again and again for my love”.

As usual, he left again with no answers but still collecting the strength for coming tomorrow, for his love, Jean.

As Adrian left, the door shut down, again in the complete darkness, a darkness which helps that fellow to forget the mishap. With encounter of a single ray of light, the whole memory of the tragedy of the fire accident woke up in the eyes.

An accident which was happened six months back in the play school, the school which was filled with all the possible colors and laughter of the children. Jean was a teacher there, she was playing with children, all contented and delighted till someone screamed, “Fire, Fire, Get out of the campus”. Everyone there got scared, running here and there, asking for help. Children, their laughter converted into fear, screaming to call their mom until the savior came and escort every single being there. The best part, everybody was safe but the worst part was nobody remembered the savior’s face.

Adrian, who lost his wife was still searching for her because he thought the news was true, everybody was safe. So the next day, he drove again to the saviour’s home to ask about his wife. He knew that he will come empty handed again but going there gave him a hope and a kind of satisfaction when he sees those eyes during that 5 minutes of conversation, a conversation in which Adrian was talking to the saviour’s eyes. This time Adrian was much more emotional. He bought the picture of Jean to show that person to recognize her properly and might give him the answer. He showed the picture of Jean, her birthday picture where Adrian was giving her a beautiful necklace. She was so happy in the picture.

As Adrian showed the picture, he started to cry, “This is my Jean. My life. You see how happy my life is. Now please tell me where is she”. With this he broke down into tears again and could hardly utter any words. There was complete silence there until the outcry broke that silence. Adrian looked up and saw tears in those eyes. But the tears did not come out of the eyes as the savior immediately pulled the blanket around the neck to mop the tears as soon as possible. This is when Adrian saw something and got completely stunned.


I have never written a short story. This is my first time attempt. I am not very proud of it. But then i thought if i don’t start today, i will never start. So a little attempt to write a short story. Hope you will like it. And please do give me some suggestions about it so that i can utilize them in future.


10 Replies to “A cloaked face”

  1. Basically very nice story. As you exposed her in darkness is beautiful. about her this side nice description. would you not think that Her saving children side should more details. Mean her struggle should mention. Basically deep lovely and tragedy story.

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