Turmoil of confession (revisited)

Life without mistakes, no, it doesn’t exist. So many times I wish I could have lived my life without any mistakes. But you see, life is full of so many exciting twists and turns. And when there are turns, there are chances of making mistakes. however, Its good on its own bad impression.

Now with making mistakes, there comes the part where you hurt yourself or somebody else. And here comes the role of confession. Confession, a very strong word for me. Why, because it takes courage to confess something. You see, there is a difference in confessing something and telling the truth. Confession is the open admittance of having done something while the truth is the quality of being true to someone or something. Telling truth just takes your actions while confession takes a lot of courage. We don’t seem to realize that our opinion of the world is kind of a confession of our character.

Here’s the question, why should we confess? Is there any satisfaction in confession?

I don’t know. In matters of confession, we hope that they will understand. We hope everything will go back to normal and that is the why the risk of confessing is worth taking. Sometimes making confessions to yourselves bring you closer to yourself, your inner soul. It improved your relationship to yourself. Confession to your loved ones make your love stronger.

But what if goes wrong? What if your confession is making the present situation even more worse? What if no one understand your confessions? Then your confessions will become just an unshared secret because no one can understand it. What will happen then? You are gonna regret doing this because once it is said, there is no turning back. Your decision of confessing will haunt you. The consequences may become thorny, hard to take.

So should we confess?

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22 Replies to “Turmoil of confession (revisited)”

  1. Well said about confession. We should confess our good deeds and even bad deed. I agree that some time confession develop a strong relationship with other fellow being and especially our soul, our inner. such a beautiful struggle please Keep it up. Best wishes for you.

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    1. Thanks.. today I already wanted to write something about confession and truth and lies. They all are so convoluted if you think about it. And the daily prompt- thorny gave me a push to write it.. I m glad you like it☺️☺️


      1. But assure you just believe yourself you would be a better and nice person in future. You would be happy when people would like you and your company. Best of luck for your bright future.


  2. This is definitely food for thought, Sudhasinj 🙂
    I believe if confessing, if being vulnerable with yourself and those around us instills in us a sense of sincerity, if it helps us understand our distorted pieces more clearly then I guess, there is nothing wrong with it.

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    1. Exactly. I believe we should confess our faults atleast to ourselves. It will help to get better understanding of our deeds. If we are confessing something, it means we have accepted that we are responsible for our actions..but you see, sometimes we don’t have the courage to face ourselves.

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      1. Sudhasini, I always think accepting yourself flawed or not, is the first step you take towards honesty.
        You cannot expect yourself to have clarity in life when you aren’t sincere to your own self.
        And the fear of not being courageous enough, is really just a twisted concept. You see, courage is something you need to find inside. 🙂

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    2. And to add more, I think confessions are not only for faults and sins. It is just the act of accepting your actions. It may be right for you but wrong for the person to whom you are confessing.
      Still I don’t know. It’s just my piece of opinion ☺️☺️

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  3. Well said Bisma. I heard a lot of contradictory thoughts about confessions. I think their thoughts are based on their experience with confessions.. so what is your opinion about confessing something to others? That takes even more courage than confessing to ourselves.

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    1. Well, experience does affect the light in which we see things, and I’m sure its different for everyone but I think that confession to others is very important, its important that you let them know whatever it is that you think because, you see, those who actually respect you for the honesty of your words will always understand, they’ll always walk that extra mile to see the hidden intention behind your actions.

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