A cloaked face

Like the past six months, today was also the same day for Adrian. He drove again 10 km away from his home to visit the same person who lives in a dark room with not a single ray of light, always covered with a blanket no matter what is the weather outside. An uncommon attire from where you can only see the eyes blinking, as if no other body part is alive inside. He had the same 5 min conversation with this person and asked the same questions again, “Please tell me did you see her?  Did you saved her? At least just tell me did she tell anything about me? How can you be so rude? You know very well I am continuously coming here to ask the same questions that only you can answer. On one hand you tell me that you saved every single being from that tragedy, yet you don’t tell me about my love, my life. But still I will not give up. I will come again and again for my love”.

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Virtue of love

Love outlives beyond the life,

Brings heavenly blaze of every kind.

Love is faithful and true,

Possessing the viridity of morning dew,

Vastness in eyes like an utter ocean blue.

It prevails above the materialistic life,

Igniting the spark of strength in soul and mind.

Doesn’t matters being one sided or both,

Love has its power to speak, without any word.

Love isn’t practical, it might be irrational,

But it’s a promise, a true souvenir.

It’s never forgotten, it’s never disappear,

With time, it builds its own composure.

Feeling of love,

Neither silent, nor so loud,

It’s a subtle game of lost and found.

Some find their world in love,

While some lost their existence for love.

Love isn’t something that fades away,

It shows its appearances in disparate ways,

Shocking, yet appealing,

With no idea of what’s next coming.

Love isn’t meant to be concealed,

It’s a remedy that everyone needs.

An example of perfect masterpiece,

Love is the medium of find the unseen link,

It’s the sustenance for every living being.


Via Daily prompt: Viable





They meet each other 

with broken foundations,

But convene their scattered fragments,

to build a perpetual one.

They learn to love,

Without any condition,

Change their misfortunes,

To an unexpected boon.

Their life takes

An unexpected whirl,

Toward an aisle,

So bright and clear,

To convert their broken road,

Into the charm of adventure,

To nurture their bond,

With love, care and affection.

Without you..

Without you, 

I would not be me,

Lost in some unnerving backwoods, 

Searching for your existence in me.

So, tell me,

How can I live without you?

I want to take you in our secluded domain,

Where nobody can heist you from me again.

I want to shield you in my closed eyes,

And never open them in all of my truth and lies,

Where nobody can heist you from mine.

I am surrounded by my ebbed twilight,

Come here to make me behold my sunrise.

I am a vagabond traveller,

Come here to find my home, my true direction.

You are the dawn of my sunrise,

You are the glitz of my night,

You are unabridged reason of my life.

You have the imprint on me,

Till my breath is with me,

You are an accolade of my austere prayer,

You are the voice my soul wants to hear.
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Seeking a resonating soul..

My soul seeks,

A resonating soul for it,

For a harmonic rhythm,

An echoed chorus to sing.

For resonating my sound of love,

For feeling rhythmic beat of my heart.

My soul seeks,

A resonating spirit,

Not stochastic,

But veracious and authentic.

Who can reveal my clamor,

From my silent portrait.

My soul seeks,

A resonating soul,

With alignment of their thoughts,

A deep connection,

Who responds to the beauty of each other’s essentials,

Helping to amplify the light of consensus.

My soul seeks,

That resonance, to set in motion,

To balance the elements of their harmonic composition.


Via daily prompt: prefer

Let me in..

I see a bleak look in your eyes,

with so many secrets who don’t wanna hide.

I can feel your fervor humming,

Who wants to fill your void by singing.

I can see your darkness seeking light,

Unable to recognise your fire burning inside.


Let me in, in your own creation,

Let me be a part of your crazy imagination.

Open up your fists, before

there’s nothing left to hold.

Open your heart and feeling,

Let your light and faith coming.

Release your butterflies, your fears,

That you have been hiding there for years.

You can do blunder, you can be vulnerable,

But open yourself with no reason to fear,

As that is what makes us beautiful and peculiar.

Unload your mind, undress your rage,

Let all these chaos to translate,

Into something exquisite and elegant.

Talk to me,

Don’t close your book,

Let me just turn your page,

Maybe you will see beauty in things,

As everything is not hopeless as it seems.

Not to yield, but to tame the ego.

His atrocious ego,

Shaped by his thoughts,

Repleted with distorted truth,

Paradoxical and awed.

His starving ego,

Now feeds upon his soul.

Bit by bit,

Still looking for the whole.

His mercenary ego,

Rules his heart,

Masks his true identity,

Keeping his good deeds apart.

This ego should walk away,

To subside his cause of pain and hatred,

The root of losing his temper.

His ego should go in wane,

To see what’s honest and sane.

To enlighten what’s dark and gloomy

To bind what’s crushed in vitality.

His ego should not be allowed to stay,

To make him learn, love and care every day.

To set him free, to turn his pages,

From the stuff that bounds him by cages.

To strive, to seek, to find his soul,

Not to yield, but to tame his ego.


Via daily prompt: Enlighten