Not to yield, but to tame the ego.

His atrocious ego,

Shaped by his thoughts,

Repleted with distorted truth,

Paradoxical and awed.

His starving ego,

Now feeds upon his soul.

Bit by bit,

Still looking for the whole.

His mercenary ego,

Rules his heart,

Masks his true identity,

Keeping his good deeds apart.

This ego should walk away,

To subside his cause of pain and hatred,

The root of losing his temper.

His ego should go in wane,

To see what’s honest and sane.

To enlighten what’s dark and gloomy

To bind what’s crushed in vitality.

His ego should not be allowed to stay,

To make him learn, love and care every day.

To set him free, to turn his pages,

From the stuff that bounds him by cages.

To strive, to seek, to find his soul,

Not to yield, but to tame his ego.


Via daily prompt: Enlighten



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