Guard of her secrets

Everything was simple,

Pure innocence, devoid of all imposters.

And then she grew up,

Her virtual world was faded,

And its actual mask was revealed,

where she can’t be forever elated.

Everything changed for her,

From her ponytail to braided hair.

From her jolly games to knotty maneuvers.

From her carefree humor to guarded secrets.


Now she guards her heart like lock and chain,

She holds the key to her secret island,

Keeping all of her secrets to herself,

Guarded with her own emotions.

She handles her glass of life gingerly,

Mixing her sweet and bitter memories elegantly.

She steps forward, curious yet cautious,

Listens to her inner voice and intelligence,

To prevent herself from vicious influence.

She is the guard of her secrets,

Her life and her judgements,

Keeping them all in the backyard of heart,

Whose walls are built tough and tall.


Via Daily prompt: Gingerly


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