Let me own who I am..

Who gave you the right,

To tame the chaos in me,

To imprison the fire in me.

To put the label of feminine on me,

Just to ensure, the voices died within me.


Who gave you the right,

To clip my wings,

To make my belief , a sin.

To judge my caliber by my looks

To use my tenderness just like a tool.


Who gave you the right,

To impede my raising voice,

To ignore my wisdom,

to notch my choice.


Now mark my words,

Educe it in your heart,

I am a woman, I am a legend,

With independent opinion and conception.

Searching for a sword, rather than a knight,

Now, Set me free, let me live with my rights.

Let my dreams become my vision,

Let me own who I truly am.


Via Daily prompt: Tame



Angel of her halo

Today she is running silent,

But tomorrow, she might be violent.

Because, tears by tears,

She built an empire,

Letting her virtuous soul underneath

Become the Queen of her authority.

Isolated from all the critics,

Running silent from all the lunacy.


Her silent voice is emphatic,

Her absence can make you deceptive.

Running deep to the extend you will never know,

Even in the darkness, she can still glow.

She defines the essence of virtue,

She is the beauty with the attitude.

With her turbulent currents,

flowing beneath her calm exterior,

She made herself a metallic lady,

Letting no man say what she can’t be.

She is the angel of her halo,

She is the fire of her inferno.

A woman of iron and silk,

Amazingly firm yet smooth at a blink.

Her insight stroke

Her screech is silent,

Yet her mind is potent.

She is soft yet powerful,

Spiritual yet practical.

She is strong and full of fire,

Her passion burned brighter than her fear.

She fell five times,

But stand again eight.

Her life shaken up and changed,

Still looking for all her shattered pieces,

putting them in a single lane

Pretending to be elated,

when her life is a sting, a silent pain.

She never looked shattered and torn,

She is the conqueror of all the battles she won.

via Daily prompt: sting