Blinking deliberately

“And everything just changed in the blink of an eye”

Well, nothing changed for me in a blink of my eye. I was just stating a quote, you must have heard it before.

Have you ever lay down in your bed and just started to blink your eyes for no reason at all? On and off! On and off!

blink 3

I did that. It started as fun but continued to become contemplative. Blinking my eyes,living in brief moments of light and darkness in my room, with one comes and another goes repeating the music of ephemeral life. With each wink, the light and darkness talked to me differently, making me perplexed which one of them I like the most. With light, there are vibrations, but with darkness, there is a flawless silence. But what I was searching for is the utter peace. I didn’t find it. There was chaos everywhere. but isn’t it what we call life.

I was blinking my eyes for the choice to see imagined versus real. Well, they both breeze in amazingly and knock the clock of my mind. I lived them both but again for a transient period with each wink of my eye. But something was constant with this blinking, the awareness that my heart is still beating, my brain is still thinking, I am still alive to make my today and all the coming todays an improved version of previous today. Life is too short to live upset, angry, resentful, ungrateful or holding grudges but to be inspired with the life given to us.

It showed me a small candle in my heart ready to be ignited and a void in my heart needed to be brimmed with the extra positives to nullify my negatives.  My blinking eye then got aligned with my soul to find  a a deeper perspective beyond the surface of things and making me lost in some dreamy world which seemed to be eternal.

This is where i realized that i am sleeping with no more blinking.