Let me in..

I see a bleak look in your eyes,

with so many secrets who don’t wanna hide.

I can feel your fervor humming,

Who wants to fill your void by singing.

I can see your darkness seeking light,

Unable to recognise your fire burning inside.


Let me in, in your own creation,

Let me be a part of your crazy imagination.

Open up your fists, before

there’s nothing left to hold.

Open your heart and feeling,

Let your light and faith coming.

Release your butterflies, your fears,

That you have been hiding there for years.

You can do blunder, you can be vulnerable,

But open yourself with no reason to fear,

As that is what makes us beautiful and peculiar.

Unload your mind, undress your rage,

Let all these chaos to translate,

Into something exquisite and elegant.

Talk to me,

Don’t close your book,

Let me just turn your page,

Maybe you will see beauty in things,

As everything is not hopeless as it seems.

It’s not the endings which will haunt you..

It’s not the endings which will haunt you,

But the path where it will lead.

Things will simply be faded and muddy,

But the pain is in expecting for a final goodbye.

It’s not the certainty that will haunt you,

But your own hoard of questions,

With half wicked answers,

Which your mind will attempt to fix it,

But their crooked shaped won’t be able to fit in.

It’s not the fight that will haunt you,

But the silence of unspoken words,

Which will sit inside your mind, screaming,

Fostering the confusion and confounding.

It’s not your darkness that will haunt you,

But the people who don’t understand,

Who claims you being insignificant.

Can you recollect all of your iron will,

Can you upsurge the power of your magic spill,

To release your fear, 

To make yourself clear,

From all the haunting juncture,

From all the wicked answers.

Can you make yourself as water,

Forceful enough to drown your fear,

Yet pure enough to cleanse your tear.


Via daily prompt: release