Virtue of love

Love outlives beyond the life,

Brings heavenly blaze of every kind.

Love is faithful and true,

Possessing the viridity of morning dew,

Vastness in eyes like an utter ocean blue.

It prevails above the materialistic life,

Igniting the spark of strength in soul and mind.

Doesn’t matters being one sided or both,

Love has its power to speak, without any word.

Love isn’t practical, it might be irrational,

But it’s a promise, a true souvenir.

It’s never forgotten, it’s never disappear,

With time, it builds its own composure.

Feeling of love,

Neither silent, nor so loud,

It’s a subtle game of lost and found.

Some find their world in love,

While some lost their existence for love.

Love isn’t something that fades away,

It shows its appearances in disparate ways,

Shocking, yet appealing,

With no idea of what’s next coming.

Love isn’t meant to be concealed,

It’s a remedy that everyone needs.

An example of perfect masterpiece,

Love is the medium of find the unseen link,

It’s the sustenance for every living being.


Via Daily prompt: Viable




Power of poetry


An art of writing, 

lucid and unique,

Some being expressive,

Some being undefined,

Based on the reader’s state of mind.

Beautiful verse,

With unadorned words,

Like a riddle,

Has different ways to interpret,

Where the words speak for themselves,

Where the words find their relations,

This is the unseen power of a poem.

It dig the meaning so deep,

Can calm down the savage beast.

It adds beauty without any makeup,

From the beginning till the end.

Filled with true emotions and thoughts,

With few words to construct,

Meant to touch  the reader’s heart.

In the sea of rhythm and imagination,

It can instill new set of perceptions.

In the strength of words so pure,

It can unchain the tamed soul.

The resonance of its rhythm,

Becomes the voice of the person,

Who is not allowed to be spoken.

The set of poetic words,

Creating an unknown whirlwind,

Where the time can stand still.

The virtue of poetry,

Is the channel of receptivity,

Is the healing avenue,

One must pass through.


Via daily prompt: relate

Let me own who I am..

Who gave you the right,

To tame the chaos in me,

To imprison the fire in me.

To put the label of feminine on me,

Just to ensure, the voices died within me.


Who gave you the right,

To clip my wings,

To make my belief , a sin.

To judge my caliber by my looks

To use my tenderness just like a tool.


Who gave you the right,

To impede my raising voice,

To ignore my wisdom,

to notch my choice.


Now mark my words,

Educe it in your heart,

I am a woman, I am a legend,

With independent opinion and conception.

Searching for a sword, rather than a knight,

Now, Set me free, let me live with my rights.

Let my dreams become my vision,

Let me own who I truly am.


Via Daily prompt: Tame



It’s not the endings which will haunt you..

It’s not the endings which will haunt you,

But the path where it will lead.

Things will simply be faded and muddy,

But the pain is in expecting for a final goodbye.

It’s not the certainty that will haunt you,

But your own hoard of questions,

With half wicked answers,

Which your mind will attempt to fix it,

But their crooked shaped won’t be able to fit in.

It’s not the fight that will haunt you,

But the silence of unspoken words,

Which will sit inside your mind, screaming,

Fostering the confusion and confounding.

It’s not your darkness that will haunt you,

But the people who don’t understand,

Who claims you being insignificant.

Can you recollect all of your iron will,

Can you upsurge the power of your magic spill,

To release your fear, 

To make yourself clear,

From all the haunting juncture,

From all the wicked answers.

Can you make yourself as water,

Forceful enough to drown your fear,

Yet pure enough to cleanse your tear.


Via daily prompt: release

The universe exist within me as much as I exist in the universe.

I am the universe, infinite in every direction, filled with immense thoughts and enthusiastic life expressing myself as a human for a little while. I am the strength, the finesse, the dynamicity. I claim my power from myself, trusting them and standing with the confidence in my own skin. I am the spirit not just with the five external senses of seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and feeling. I am much more than that. I recreated myself with colossal array of senses that describes my soul, the internal senses of peace, intuitions, empathy, love, trust and much more. I don’t divide my external senses from the internal ones. They together create a magic inside me while fighting and convincing each other, growing my senses even more sharper. I believe in derangement of my senses in order to obtain the unknown. They empower my strength, expand the vision beyond borders.

I have the incurably abstract intellect, a huge set of preconceptions and assumptions so numerous that I can never examine more than a minority of them, never become even conscious of them all. I am the unaware boundless spirit, discovering my energy continuously. I am the shine of every star, the current flowing in the cosmic ocean with constant changing tides, the energy of million suns and the tips of mountains that touches the sky.

No one is me and that is my power. I am unstoppable with my infinite potential. I am capable of giving immense love and loyalty, yet can be very atrocious whenever it’s required. I left my deepest fear of inadequacy, self-doubt and irresolution with my perseverance and self-belief. I am the creative power of universe and the universe is created within me.