We are the forever that doesn’t exist.

We are the forever,

That doesn’t exist.

We are the forever,

That comes and leaves.

Existence is a concept,

With its own predicament.

For some, being brief and finite,

For some till perpetual point.

But we,

the fleeting existence,

In world of constant transitions,

Either trying to transform our existence,

Or continue to maintain our presence.

We are the thoughts,

Spiral in circles of existence,

Coming and going 

Back and forth,

With every coming generation.

With one idea comes,

Another gets forgotten.

All we see, all we feel,

Is a Illusion or reality?

Questioning it,

Is itself a mystery.


We are the forever,

That doesn’t exist.

We are the forever,

That comes and leaves.

Swinging moods.

This way, that way, which way,

No way!

Well it’s something I can’t say.

Now, it’s Elation which I feel,

Oh wait,

What is this sadness that grips me?

Please don’t tell me it’s my mood swing.

I stop, I pause, I ceased me,

Well, now I am running from my mood swings.

Panicking like a child,

Changing my mind,

Like changing my clothes.

Dynamic like a tide,

My Heart is on a rollercoaster ride.

Fear, terror, laughs and temper,

Running to and fro in motion,

Fighting for their turn to come,

Impossible to bring them under domination.

In a blink of eye, i am darn shit crazy,

Then the other moment, I’ll be happy go lucky.

Sometimes I am sweet as candy,

That makes me fantastic and attractive.

But, my tongue can be sarcastic,

That’s when I become pathetic,

And a bit psychotic.

At times, I can be a chatterbox,

Unaware of the fact when to stop.

But my mood can make me quiet for hours,

Speechless and reserved,

Impossible to utter a single word.

Sometimes, my mood, swings by the music,

Changing its pattern so acoustic.

On certain days,

I enjoy white stroke of clouds in the sky,

I enjoy the whisper of leaves moved by.

But sometimes,

These details displease me,

I let myself sinking and drowning.

I wish I could be stable,

My mind wanders, it’s unsettled.

My mood swings, are hard to decipher,

Because it’s both packed and shattered.

Maths of my life.

The transparency of my glass reflection,

Reconsidering my life’s derivation.

To add some new theorems,

To deduct some old equations.

resulting in some amusing observation.

But, it’s an intimidating risk,

As it might bring alteration in a blink,

Or it might weigh down my essence to sink.

Should I start from zero,

Letting my past of ordeal to go?

Or applying them as experience of attempt,

For drawing perfect angle of eminence?

What do I need,

The solitude of prime numbers,

Insistent and rigid,

Impractical to divide.

Or the cartel of evens,

With flexibility of division?

I am waiting for the other side

Of an unsolved equation,

To which only I know the solution,

But petrified to complete that,

Quite unaware of the aftermath.

Still, here I am,

sitting and wandering,

If I can clear this exam,

Where my soul and mind

equals to math of my life.

I fall in love, to rise.

With Shattering earth,

My sphere was in trance.

My words,

They began to beguile me,

My existence,

Was about to be crucified.

Then I started to fall,

But to fall in love with him,

A fall to ascend,

To respect my presence again.

He, my beginning and end of everything,

Who treated me like a treasure, not as a possession.

His amour made me strong and enduring,

Which doesn’t need any reassuring.

He has his own special way,

Of turning around my terrible day.

He teached me to turn my flaws,

To turn my demons into art,

My mistakes into my teachers,

My fears into my fuels.

Now, I rise like air,

With him, for him, towards him.


via Daily prompt: Ascend

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