Maths of my life.

The transparency of my glass reflection,

Reconsidering my life’s derivation.

To add some new theorems,

To deduct some old equations.

resulting in some amusing observation.

But, it’s an intimidating risk,

As it might bring alteration in a blink,

Or it might weigh down my essence to sink.

Should I start from zero,

Letting my past of ordeal to go?

Or applying them as experience of attempt,

For drawing perfect angle of eminence?

What do I need,

The solitude of prime numbers,

Insistent and rigid,

Impractical to divide.

Or the cartel of evens,

With flexibility of division?

I am waiting for the other side

Of an unsolved equation,

To which only I know the solution,

But petrified to complete that,

Quite unaware of the aftermath.

Still, here I am,

sitting and wandering,

If I can clear this exam,

Where my soul and mind

equals to math of my life.