Sparkling clarity in my head,

Energised spirit with skepticism at the end.

Sipping on my smile,

An utter pleasure of my life.

Made plainly of laugh and tears,

Either in confidence or out of fear.

Found the strength to speak,

To know the change I seek.

Neither beautiful, nor magnificent,

But simple and transparent,

Like some insignificant existence.

With sending away the eclipse of sorrow in the past,

I ignited the flame of optimism in my heart,

When I envision the beauty in my flaws,

When I found the direction for my pause.

Walking over and over,

The same path of elation in circle,

To permeate the spell around my heart,

The sense of bliss in paradise of my heart.

Where the moon hovers in the cloudless sky,

Where my optimism reaches to its optimistic height,

Where my soul prepares itself to fly.


Via daily prompt: mild




Her silent cacophony

Everyone admires her calmness, her tranquility. In reality, they want her silent and stillness personality. They were afraid of her voice, capable enough to defeat their lies. She was a stone once, capable enough to bring ripples in the river. Now she is just a feather, quite unsubstantial, flowing with the flow of the river. Now she is tired. Nobody knows that she holds back her silence in the mayhem of this community. She lost the symphony of her words into the sound of this cacophony. Now, she can’t trust herself to bear the burden of her broken silence. She is frightened and anxious. She cries but silently, she thinks but quietly, she talks but mutely. Her infinite and default vitality is covered by the heap of fictitious axioms, impeding her value of thoughts. Now she has to admire the beauty, the bogus beauty of the mankind, the beauty which is still not attained. She has to agree on everything, every wicked lie to persist her enforced symphony, a symphony which is a lie to her given by the society. 

Now, she is the regent of symphony which came at the cost of her silent cacophony.

Via daily prompt: cacophony

Floating clouds

The floating clouds🌥️,

Strolling in the sky,

Leaving a blotch

At it’s previous site.

Folding into layers,

Overlapping into itself,

Like a big cauliflower.

It resonate explicitly,

With my form of thinking.

It can take the form

Of any shape known,

Be it a graceful angel 👼,

Or a scary demon 😈

It gives me a smiley🙂

When my heart is smiling,

But can change into gloomy🙁

If my heart is not happy.

It gives me a bear 🐻

All fluffy and fair,

Or a white horse 🏇,

Riding by a king🤴

All mighty and brisk.

Sometimes it entangles,

To form tiaras and anklets📿

These antic clouds,

Encompassing the sky,

Holding the wind 🌫️

To mould into pattern,

While playing with my emotions.

They exist in all shades,

Of white, black, blue or grey,

Coming and leaving by.

I want to play a little while,

Oh dear god!

Don’t let them cry🌧️


A little dance with myself

Floor under my bare feet,

Like the canvas, blank and clean.

To paint with some chirpy music,

With the aid of my heartbeat.

An upbeat rhythm,

A delighted tempo,

With the inclusion of little raindrops,

And a little tango of

Both my hands and legs,

I discovered happiness for myself,

I found the sense of elegance.

With each coming silly steps,

Though crazy and senseless,

It made worries of my day,

To go far far away.

I danced with my soul,

Until I got utterly lost.

Lost in the world, being flawless,

Soaring in the wind, being weightless.

I just danced 

In the smell of freedom,

And let my butterflies

To fly in the open.


Via daily prompt: elegance

A rainbow from simple conversation

A simple conversation,

Open and genuine

Which comes naturally

And flow placidly,

May lead to greatest adventure,

Happening and startling.

No judgements and complaint,

No thinking and fabrication.

Just a simple magnificence

Of virtuous thoughts,

Perfectly expressed,

So beautiful and rapt.

A Simple conversation,

Full of laughter,

Still full of valuable lessons,

With profound inception,

Of a cherished connection.

Passing through the prism

Of mental curiosity,

To create a rainbow,

Of optimism and prosperity.

Childhood recollection..

An amusing wish,

To go back in life,

Not to switch anything,

But to feel some moment twice.

An innocent smile,

I wish I could rewind,

Just for a little while.

Or could blow it up into a bubble,

And live inside it forever.

A night at rooftop,

Lying down and counting,

The array of stars on fingers,

I wish I could it often.

A game of hide and seek,

Not from crooks and  deceit,

But from convival group of buddies,

I wish to hide again and let them seek.

A charming animation,

At every rainy season,

With a floating cheer,

Over glide of the paperboat.

I wish I could heard,

Just an echo of that laughter.

A morning prayer,

So pure and real,

In the square of the school,

I wish I could hymn it now too.

I wish I could recollect,

Every pinch of those days,

Where the cheeks would rose up from cold,

Where I would know the things I could hold.


Via daily prompt: clutch

Blend the colours

White is positive, white is shiny,

Black is negative, black is gloomy.

Red is love, green is honesty,

Yellow is conflict, gray is sluggish,

Blue is peace, purple is royalty.

Oh come on guys, seriously?

Stop giving your emotions a colour,

Give them a chance to paint your picture,

Unbiased and scrupulous.

Make your black so luminous,

Give your white some darkness.

Expand your spectrum of love,

From red to all colour available.

Stop separating colour

by your narrow understanding,

Consider this separation,

Only in your laundry.

Let’s blend all the colours,

To create a masterpiece,

A sole colour of virtue and bliss.

Without signifying them for war or peace.


Via daily prompt: black

Swinging moods.

This way, that way, which way,

No way!

Well it’s something I can’t say.

Now, it’s Elation which I feel,

Oh wait,

What is this sadness that grips me?

Please don’t tell me it’s my mood swing.

I stop, I pause, I ceased me,

Well, now I am running from my mood swings.

Panicking like a child,

Changing my mind,

Like changing my clothes.

Dynamic like a tide,

My Heart is on a rollercoaster ride.

Fear, terror, laughs and temper,

Running to and fro in motion,

Fighting for their turn to come,

Impossible to bring them under domination.

In a blink of eye, i am darn shit crazy,

Then the other moment, I’ll be happy go lucky.

Sometimes I am sweet as candy,

That makes me fantastic and attractive.

But, my tongue can be sarcastic,

That’s when I become pathetic,

And a bit psychotic.

At times, I can be a chatterbox,

Unaware of the fact when to stop.

But my mood can make me quiet for hours,

Speechless and reserved,

Impossible to utter a single word.

Sometimes, my mood, swings by the music,

Changing its pattern so acoustic.

On certain days,

I enjoy white stroke of clouds in the sky,

I enjoy the whisper of leaves moved by.

But sometimes,

These details displease me,

I let myself sinking and drowning.

I wish I could be stable,

My mind wanders, it’s unsettled.

My mood swings, are hard to decipher,

Because it’s both packed and shattered.

Seeking a resonating soul..

My soul seeks,

A resonating soul for it,

For a harmonic rhythm,

An echoed chorus to sing.

For resonating my sound of love,

For feeling rhythmic beat of my heart.

My soul seeks,

A resonating spirit,

Not stochastic,

But veracious and authentic.

Who can reveal my clamor,

From my silent portrait.

My soul seeks,

A resonating soul,

With alignment of their thoughts,

A deep connection,

Who responds to the beauty of each other’s essentials,

Helping to amplify the light of consensus.

My soul seeks,

That resonance, to set in motion,

To balance the elements of their harmonic composition.


Via daily prompt: prefer

Let me in..

I see a bleak look in your eyes,

with so many secrets who don’t wanna hide.

I can feel your fervor humming,

Who wants to fill your void by singing.

I can see your darkness seeking light,

Unable to recognise your fire burning inside.


Let me in, in your own creation,

Let me be a part of your crazy imagination.

Open up your fists, before

there’s nothing left to hold.

Open your heart and feeling,

Let your light and faith coming.

Release your butterflies, your fears,

That you have been hiding there for years.

You can do blunder, you can be vulnerable,

But open yourself with no reason to fear,

As that is what makes us beautiful and peculiar.

Unload your mind, undress your rage,

Let all these chaos to translate,

Into something exquisite and elegant.

Talk to me,

Don’t close your book,

Let me just turn your page,

Maybe you will see beauty in things,

As everything is not hopeless as it seems.