(un)known answers for (un)known questions

Perpetual waves of questions,

Filled with mysterious conundrums.

Reasoning what, when, how and why,

Beyond the conscious state of mind,

Either with harsh truth or subtle lies.

Brimmed with turmoil and fluster,

In every possible explanations

As there’s no satisfactory conclusion.

Knowing the answers,

Yet hesitate to explain,

Reversing the question,

By questioning the answers,

Again and again.

Trying to search

For some decorative words,

To answer the question

Though in a complicated demeanor.

Seeking the answer in the empty night,

For the questions which rises in sunlight.

Wandering in pursuit of utter understanding,

For some convoluted,yet true feelings.

Startled to tell the one that cares,

For fear of hurting them sooner or later.

Choose to stay silent than some incoherent explanations,

Either to make them understand the real answer,

Or just to avoid the distressing situations.

But it’s not always this way or that way,

There’s always an unsettling third way.

Because life is not just black and white,

But the shades of grey from every sight.

Comes with certain unwanted life and time,

Where right and wrong have no redline,

Where heart and mind begin to fight,

Throwing the answers to a questionable height.


Via daily prompt: confess