Beauty in conflicts (revisited)..

To defend or deny what you think is a sign that you are alive. You are definitely allowed to be inconsistent, contradictory and unbound by conventions. But still your job should be finding a neutraliser for your emptiness of existence and not just to succumb to forelornness.

Just because your path is different doesn’t mean you are lost. You are creating a new path, according to your adaptiveness for either brightness or darkness.

You don’t have to be equitable within the circle just to label yourself as a sane person because sanity is the insanity which is the new normality for the society, a persistent cozy lie.

You can be an amiable, cordial person, with a kind heart, and still say no. You can have your limits. It’s true that you have to act in concert to live in the world, but to survive as yourselves, you have to act alone and decide.

If someone is hesitating to choose between you and someone else, help them in making their decision by stepping aside and telling not to choose you. Why bother their hesitation. Right?

You can either provoke the chaos of your conflicting impulses or you can calm it down. You are the creator of your own riddle and trying to solve it just to save yourself from boredom. You are the conflict. You can make it productive by critically creating creative ideas.

You are your only limit. Fears that you don’t face become your limits. Never succumb to these fears. People will definitely push to your limits, but when you finally fight back, you will become the mean one. Let it be. I call it having mastery on yourself which comes from consistently going beyond your limits. I call it enlightenment which comes from expanding your consciousness from the present limits.


Today, I’ll write my tomorrow.

Today I’ll write my tomorrow,

Fabricating my tomorrow’s quote.

I m the one who holds the tomorrow,

I have the power of say, this is not how my story will end.

I am the ink,

to be splashed onto the blank paper.

I am the colour,

To be filled on my dreams later.

Today I’ll write my tomorrow,

Where my tears will start to dry,

Where I’ll learn to Fly

Where I’ll find new promises,

By using my old wishes.

Today, I’ll write my tomorrow,

Beautifully adorned with pearls of hope.

always alive and happy,

Full of hope and possibilities.

Where I’ll carry my burden, soothe my fear.

My today’s scar,

They will never fade,

But like the stars

They have the role to play

To write my tomorrow,

To give them colors to glow.

Today, I’ll write my tomorrow,

Creating my wind of passion,

Tugged in my heart,

A mark of subtle promise for tomorrow.

My pen for tomorrow,

Will wait for the awaited dawn.

Will keep my dreams with the same intensity

Until they will turn into reality


Via daily prompt: express

As a side note, wish you all a very happy and prosperous Diwali.. those who don’t know, this is a very famous festival in India, a festival of lights.

The universe exist within me as much as I exist in the universe.

I am the universe, infinite in every direction, filled with immense thoughts and enthusiastic life expressing myself as a human for a little while. I am the strength, the finesse, the dynamicity. I claim my power from myself, trusting them and standing with the confidence in my own skin. I am the spirit not just with the five external senses of seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and feeling. I am much more than that. I recreated myself with colossal array of senses that describes my soul, the internal senses of peace, intuitions, empathy, love, trust and much more. I don’t divide my external senses from the internal ones. They together create a magic inside me while fighting and convincing each other, growing my senses even more sharper. I believe in derangement of my senses in order to obtain the unknown. They empower my strength, expand the vision beyond borders.

I have the incurably abstract intellect, a huge set of preconceptions and assumptions so numerous that I can never examine more than a minority of them, never become even conscious of them all. I am the unaware boundless spirit, discovering my energy continuously. I am the shine of every star, the current flowing in the cosmic ocean with constant changing tides, the energy of million suns and the tips of mountains that touches the sky.

No one is me and that is my power. I am unstoppable with my infinite potential. I am capable of giving immense love and loyalty, yet can be very atrocious whenever it’s required. I left my deepest fear of inadequacy, self-doubt and irresolution with my perseverance and self-belief. I am the creative power of universe and the universe is created within me.