Floating clouds

The floating clouds🌥️,

Strolling in the sky,

Leaving a blotch

At it’s previous site.

Folding into layers,

Overlapping into itself,

Like a big cauliflower.

It resonate explicitly,

With my form of thinking.

It can take the form

Of any shape known,

Be it a graceful angel 👼,

Or a scary demon 😈

It gives me a smiley🙂

When my heart is smiling,

But can change into gloomy🙁

If my heart is not happy.

It gives me a bear 🐻

All fluffy and fair,

Or a white horse 🏇,

Riding by a king🤴

All mighty and brisk.

Sometimes it entangles,

To form tiaras and anklets📿

These antic clouds,

Encompassing the sky,

Holding the wind 🌫️

To mould into pattern,

While playing with my emotions.

They exist in all shades,

Of white, black, blue or grey,

Coming and leaving by.

I want to play a little while,

Oh dear god!

Don’t let them cry🌧️