Ambiance of the dawn

World full of wonder, being glorious and magnificent,

Revolving around the green colour of nature’s birth.

A glorious morning starting with a bluebird song,

Whispering with the leaves all day long.

Shining rays striking the earth like ribbon of gold,

Setting the picture, a view to behold.

Under boundless and impartial skies,

Embraced by the rainbow, where all the colour lie,

Numerous flowers with countless fragrance,

Delicate and fine, with indescribable essence.

Telling the stories of serenity,

Soothing the soul with all the mercy till eternity.

Enslaving the mind with calm sensation,

Waiting for the mystery to open.

via Daily prompt: Glorious


Her insight stroke

Her screech is silent,

Yet her mind is potent.

She is soft yet powerful,

Spiritual yet practical.

She is strong and full of fire,

Her passion burned brighter than her fear.

She fell five times,

But stand again eight.

Her life shaken up and changed,

Still looking for all her shattered pieces,

putting them in a single lane

Pretending to be elated,

when her life is a sting, a silent pain.

She never looked shattered and torn,

She is the conqueror of all the battles she won.

via Daily prompt: sting


Unattempted possibilities

“The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary”

-Vince Lombardi

Success in one attempt, we all know is a fable. Without attempting, we miss a lot of possibilities of our success. Therefore, do not quit. Why worry about motivational lecture, self-help books, life gives you hundred examples too. Doesn’t grass grow even it its trampled over and over again? Grass, weakest of weeds, yet it never dies, simply because of its tenacity. So, that’s all there is to it, be tenacious and never quit. Have you ever seen a baby bird trying to fly? They fall a lot more times before realizing their ability to fly, the magic of their wings.

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My strange inclination

Some combinations just don’t make sense at all. Yet they amalgamate beautifully.

I believe strength lies in differences not the similiarities. Have you ever realised and get surprised to see how much you can have in common with someone completely different from you.

You see, I am an optimist.  I enjoy the simplest things, and there’s no greater joy for me than just picking even a petite happy moment from my otherwise dismal life. Still I have this tendency to get enthralled by these cynic, introvert people. They generally sweep me off my feet and challenge every view I ever had. They scares the hell out of me and calms my soul at the same time, a total contradiction that somehow balances. I love talking yet I want to talk to these silent people and love their comments like “don’t talk to me until I have had my coffee and then after that still please don’t talk to me”. It makes my time with them like a roller coaster of fun. Their arguments are a little annoyed yet very amusing. This penchant for their amusing stories, peculiar philosophies gives me the expanded dynamic perception of ideas. With them, I feel like an angel craving chaos with a demon seeking peace. Like I told you earlier, some combinations, they just don’t fit, yet they exist.

via Daily prompt: Penchant