Screams from within

Hello everyone. Hope you all have a good day. Well, as those who read my previous post about my writer’s block ( those who have not read it, its a poem about my writer’s block, you can read it via this link, dedicated to my writer’s block), knows that i had some doubts and difficulty in arranging my thoughts and pen it down. I thought of talking to myself for a while. Well, i talked, all i come up with are some somber thoughts, though i don’t want to dig it deeper. But i think, sometimes, its fine to get a bit depressed. So here’s how i arranged my today’s thoughts. Its not a type for “a ray of sunshine”, but i hope you get the message behind it.

Her silent dissent,

Against the social wicked precept,

Full of inner rage and disgust,

To which everyone is stone deaf.

They paint her existence,

With inaccurate colors and shades.

Put her fabricated being in front of mirror,

Forced her to believe in the deception,

Of her distorted illustration.

Locked her thoughts and see,

Her futile attempts to release,

After handing her the wrong key.

She swallow their words as a whole,

As the result of her silent rebellion.

These corrupted words,

Left the imprints on her heart,

Shattering her truths in parts.

She screams from within, where no one hears,

She cries from within,with no more tears.

She stumbles in her own presence,

She finds herself wrong in her own assumptions.



Shifting the blame

Repleted with mistakes,

Continues to take missteps,

Though aware of all rights and wrongs,

But let them drop to neglect and ignore.

This is what covered the soul,

From being candor to a complete fraud.

Some blunders are result of fear and doubts 

The doubts of accepting some tough truths.

While some becomes the necessity of a custom,

The custom of lying, just to avoid the real situation.

Shifting the blame, on nearby compass,

Becomes the routine for every aberrations,

With no sense of guilt and regret,

Entering in new horizon of mistakes.

Putting the loyalty out of the line,

Shaping a new, yet flawed design,

Of shifting the blame,

With handful of excuses, so lame.

Pointing the finger at other’s faults,

But moving on their own errors without any halt.


Via daily prompt: compass

Dedicated to my writer’s block

Stuck in the sphere

of my writer’s block,

Like the infinity loop

Of my scattered thoughts.

Whirling on and on,

Just covering the perimeter,

But never make it to center,

Unaware of the actual depth,

With no grip at the loosing ends.

Some Blurry outlines of thoughts,

With parallel tangents and chords.

No hope of intersection,

And mere chances of coordination.

Makes me question my genius,

What’s the depth of my speculation,?

Do I know the radius of my imagination?

Is it due to lack of inspiration,

Or a shortfall in my dedication?

Oh wait,

Maybe it’s due to full of anticipation,

And I can give some blame to my confusions.

A loads to say,

And a scads to hide.

My unadorned thoughts,

Have a hard time to decide.

Some wants to stay low,

While some wants to fly.

Why can’t I gather them all,

Why can’t I convince them all,

To converge and fit in a single spot,

To make some sense in my blank cardboard.

But all I have,

Are some metaphors and cliché,

Ready to crack my writer’s block again,

But I won’t fill my cardboard this time

Again with some metaphorical lines.

I’ll talk to myself in a while,

To figure out thoughts in my mind.

For our friendship..

For our friendship

I work hard and hard,

For never letting it go,

Though I’m not onboard.

But I can’t risk it on fate,

I’ll keep trying whatever it takes.

 I’ll be there to experience it all,

Whether it’s rough or gentle, calm or chaos.

I’ll be there when you lose grip,

To salvage our precious friendship.

I’ll drag you from no sense to direction, no star to guide,

I’ll show you the truth that you need to abide,

Though it might lead to risking our bond.

But don’t worry my friend,

I’ll stand like a lighthouse,

On the shore of your heart.

To be your light, guidance of your path


Via Daily prompt: risky.