Almost there

“Almost”, what do you think of this word? When do you use it? Is it a sad word or a happy word for you?

It sure gives a brief sense of contentment because of the word “most” in it, but when it comes with “al” in it, it’s the most unfinished word in the dictionary.

“I almost did it”, but almost, not thoroughly.

“She was almost good for him”, but she is not perfect for him.

“They almost made it”, but couldn’t succeed.

“I almost quit”, but still I am trying.

It’s a big word, in the sense you can feel it everywhere, a sense of uncertainty, insufficiency, an impression of wanting, trying and hoping. You must have heard it like a thousands times, “Almost, but not quite. Not yet. Soon, maybe. I am hoping for that.” Every almost has a story behind it. You can call it a six alphabet story, ALMOST.

Nobody wins or loose entirely. It always revolves around almost. Almost win or almost loose. Because it’s a series of action to achieve a certain result. You can’t just overlook the steps taken to reach the final destination. Though there is a failure at endpoint, but still there might me some achievements in the process to reach the almost final destination. 

So what do you think? What vibes do you get from your almost? Does your almost gives you encouragement because you have reached your almost point in your attempt, the number of attempts doesn’t matter. Or it conveys a feeling of breakdown for reaching almost but not final purpose?

Since I want to be optimistic in every possible scenarios, I want to add a positive saying in the last that uses the word almost,

Motivation will almost always beat mere talent

Via daily prompt: almost

8 Replies to “Almost there”

  1. So much like my own ideology. I at least like to believe in the positive sense of almost. At least it gives, as you said, it does give some sort 8 satisfaction and kindles hope and encourages for keep on trying and hanging on, as I stated in my own post.

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