Sparkling clarity in my head,

Energised spirit with skepticism at the end.

Sipping on my smile,

An utter pleasure of my life.

Made plainly of laugh and tears,

Either in confidence or out of fear.

Found the strength to speak,

To know the change I seek.

Neither beautiful, nor magnificent,

But simple and transparent,

Like some insignificant existence.

With sending away the eclipse of sorrow in the past,

I ignited the flame of optimism in my heart,

When I envision the beauty in my flaws,

When I found the direction for my pause.

Walking over and over,

The same path of elation in circle,

To permeate the spell around my heart,

The sense of bliss in paradise of my heart.

Where the moon hovers in the cloudless sky,

Where my optimism reaches to its optimistic height,

Where my soul prepares itself to fly.


Via daily prompt: mild




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