Screams from within

Hello everyone. Hope you all have a good day. Well, as those who read my previous post about my writer’s block ( those who have not read it, its a poem about my writer’s block, you can read it via this link, dedicated to my writer’s block), knows that i had some doubts and difficulty in arranging my thoughts and pen it down. I thought of talking to myself for a while. Well, i talked, all i come up with are some somber thoughts, though i don’t want to dig it deeper. But i think, sometimes, its fine to get a bit depressed. So here’s how i arranged my today’s thoughts. Its not a type for “a ray of sunshine”, but i hope you get the message behind it.

Her silent dissent,

Against the social wicked precept,

Full of inner rage and disgust,

To which everyone is stone deaf.

They paint her existence,

With inaccurate colors and shades.

Put her fabricated being in front of mirror,

Forced her to believe in the deception,

Of her distorted illustration.

Locked her thoughts and see,

Her futile attempts to release,

After handing her the wrong key.

She swallow their words as a whole,

As the result of her silent rebellion.

These corrupted words,

Left the imprints on her heart,

Shattering her truths in parts.

She screams from within, where no one hears,

She cries from within,with no more tears.

She stumbles in her own presence,

She finds herself wrong in her own assumptions.



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