Shifting the blame

Repleted with mistakes,

Continues to take missteps,

Though aware of all rights and wrongs,

But let them drop to neglect and ignore.

This is what covered the soul,

From being candor to a complete fraud.

Some blunders are result of fear and doubts 

The doubts of accepting some tough truths.

While some becomes the necessity of a custom,

The custom of lying, just to avoid the real situation.

Shifting the blame, on nearby compass,

Becomes the routine for every aberrations,

With no sense of guilt and regret,

Entering in new horizon of mistakes.

Putting the loyalty out of the line,

Shaping a new, yet flawed design,

Of shifting the blame,

With handful of excuses, so lame.

Pointing the finger at other’s faults,

But moving on their own errors without any halt.


Via daily prompt: compass

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