Talking, be it an articulate one or some frantic rants, it’s always great and valuable. Wait, it comes with some “terms and conditions applied”. And the condition here is to whom you are talking. To whom you are describing yourself.  In short, whom are you choosing as your listener. You must have heard it, ” stupid conversation make sense when you are talking to someone special”. On the other hand, if your listener is not interested, the whole process is futile. The whole conversation is just compilation of some unrelated, scattered words with no outcomes. Its like planting flowers at someone else’s backyard who aren’t going to water them. I know it’s not a great analogy, but a bit relative.

Since we are talking about Talking, here’s a thought, “Talking about past”. Is it a good idea? Does it really matters? I don’t know. I am just asking. What I know is that if you are talking about your past, or even thinking, talking about it, it means you do care about your past. 

Talking, discussing without being biased, creates magic sometimes. It’s like unfolding the layers which are covered under the dust of time. When the layers unfold, they give you answers to your questions, or I should say, it replace your assumptions with certain answers. Some being reasonable, as you have already assumed it in your mind, some being surprising, as your assumptions didn’t reach there.

Not talking due to disappointment and being continuously misunderstood is justifiable, but not talking due to illogical ego is nothing, but just plain foolish and impractical. Grudges are always a waste of perfect bliss. No doubt, It will serve your ego, but not for a long time. 

So what’s wrong in expressing some doubts of your past by talking about it while keeping aside your grudges, if it brings some transparency in your life.


Via daily prompt: bliss

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