A midnight dream

A wandering child,

In her midnight dreams,

With her eyes closed,

But has a deep vision,

In her dreams of imagination.

Though in her dreams of darkest night,

She saw her soul in a pure light.

Where she walks on the earth,

To reach the sky.


As long as she is dreaming,

Her earth will meet the sky,

Her step wants to end,

At the vault of heaven.

Where the paradise

Will tell her it’s secrets,

Because she is fearless,

In her dreams of midnight.

She can listens to its secrets,

A secret of happiness,

A secret of virtue.

Where she can share

the secret of her earth,

The whisper of faith,

Giving power to one’s fate.

A priority to deception,

Rather than following morals.

But she can never make it,

As her conscious break in

With her dream dying,

And the silence broken,

With the noise of humans.

She wake up from her dream,

Still wandering, 

Where is she now

and where was she then.

Why the two places 

Are difficult to understand.

Where is the earth she saw,

Where does it meet the sky.

Oh no,

She was dreaming again,

A pure illusion,

An illusion called dream

Where the sky and earth,

Are never really apart.

Where she was swinging among the stars,

Where the pain of lies seems too far.

She is waiting again,

For her midnight to come,

To see the gorge of heaven.

To start her midnight walk,

Where she and the stars will talk.


Via daily prompt: gorge

14 Replies to “A midnight dream”

      1. Yeah, if feasible.. sometimes, I get so disturbed and restless when I am not able to remember my midnight dreams. I remember them to be beautiful, but I tend to forget the whole dream.
        The one I remember, I used to analyse it, squeeze it out to extract some meanings out of it..

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      2. Hmmm….that is not so good a sign….we need to live in the world of reality ….which is quite different from the ones ….projected or seen in the dreams….they are dreams so they are beautiful….isn’t it….?

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