Am I right, or am i right?

Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.                                                      – Martin Luther King. Jr.

Why is it said that nothing can be gained by either arguing or reasoning with ignorant people? Why there is no clarification to ignorance?

Well, it’s because the ignorant himself is not aware of his ignorance. How can you make them realise of their blindness or their immaturity when they are satisfied with their existing insights. We all are ignorant in one way or another. How so? I’ll tell you. Take an example, you and your friend are reading something to find answers to some of your question. To you, the topic is quite good, with all the relevant information that you need. Your hunt for your questions will end there. You are satisfied with your effort. Now the other person, he is not satisfied with the topic. His quest is still going on and on until he is entirely convinced. For him, you are ignorant, as you are not understanding the question perfectly, thus stopped searching. But for you, he is ignorant as he is not understanding the well explained topic and wasting his time on futile exercise. So who is ignorant here?

I think there is no borderline or threshold of ignorance. It starts and ends in the confinement of our opinion and thinking. Opinion, yes opinion, it is intermediate between awareness and ignorance. So in my opinion, ignorance is pretty much our choice.

Ignorance is a voluntary misfortune                                                             -Nicholas Ling

It truly is. We remain ignorant by perpetrate some ideology which has proof, be it scientific or conceptual, to be a lie or a myth. It surely inhibit us from discovering the truth and facts, but what can we do. This is what we are. Sometimes the level of confidence of our ignorance is so high (the one we call overconfidence), that we falsely believe in our knowledge and don’t seek out for clarifications or other existing options. Rather we rely on our ignorant position.So rigid. Right? Well, all the above description of ignorance might be unintentional. Like I said, the ignorant is not aware of his own ignorance.

But, there is one more scenario existing in this context. I call that “conscious ignorance”. No, there is no such term as conscious ignorance. I made that up. It’s like building the wall of ignorance with our own hands. It’s like growing the plant of ignorance by watering it ourselves. And why we do that exactly? Wow, I have the answer to that too. We remain unaware or ignorant or should I say, we pretend to be unaware to secure our insecure ego. Because ignorance, it hates changes, it hates acceptance.

Ignorance is a bliss

Not a clue of what we miss


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