Nothing is persistent

Nothing is persistent,

Nothing is balanced,

It’s a sweet game of time and change,

That goes hand in hand,

With passing time, even the constant will change,

Nothing is similar,

Nothing is different,

Just a concept of coexistence,

Being spiritually free, yet physically trapped.

It’s a war of conscience,

To choose the road from your experience,

To test your boundaries from your comfort.

But Time,

It’s all you ever need,

On which your dreams will feed,

On which your scars will heal.

With the floating time,

The aching feelings will vanish,

Filling the void with all new senses.

A beginning of something new,

Something special waiting for you.

It’s good to revise or rewind your past,

But never remain forever in the past.

Because different was the past,

So is the present,

And will be different from the future,

Every now and then.

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