Reborn (this is where I begin)

Scent of life, yet unborn,

Stronger and deeper,

At it’s final notch to bloom.

Reborn again

in the dew of raindrops,

With the wind, peel off the old existence,

Sending sparks in the vault of heaven.

Reborn again,

To exile the self made evil,

Burning the hatred and blemish.

A walk in the water to help,

Generating current of self,

With rebirth at every bend.

Reborn again,

To sweep away the dust of despair

To begin from vibrant colour

At awakening spring and summer.

Reborn again,

To stop culling the shell of resistance,

To focus on fresh new pearl of freedom.

Revive again,

the spirit of virtue,

Skin scarred with wisdom,

Eyes full of colours

of flawless wonders,

Whose hues needs to be treasured.

Emerging anew

with a stronger soul

Reawakening with new eyes,

For riddles to unfold.

Feeling the new skin,

the one I am in,

This is where I begin.

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