Childhood recollection..

An amusing wish,

To go back in life,

Not to switch anything,

But to feel some moment twice.

An innocent smile,

I wish I could rewind,

Just for a little while.

Or could blow it up into a bubble,

And live inside it forever.

A night at rooftop,

Lying down and counting,

The array of stars on fingers,

I wish I could it often.

A game of hide and seek,

Not from crooks and  deceit,

But from convival group of buddies,

I wish to hide again and let them seek.

A charming animation,

At every rainy season,

With a floating cheer,

Over glide of the paperboat.

I wish I could heard,

Just an echo of that laughter.

A morning prayer,

So pure and real,

In the square of the school,

I wish I could hymn it now too.

I wish I could recollect,

Every pinch of those days,

Where the cheeks would rose up from cold,

Where I would know the things I could hold.


Via daily prompt: clutch

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