Illusions of reality

A beautiful carved illusion,

Where reality is only a fiction.

Where a myth is simple to accept,

But the truth is allowed to reject.

This is the world,

A reality of illusions

Or illusions of reality.

This is where we all live,

This is where we all breath,

Looking at this mangled view,

From rose coloured glass with dew,

Hiding behind the illusions,

Escaping from the realism.

Trapped in a web of delusions,

Surrounded by the mist of evasion,

Knotted in a string of fallacy,

All these may look like luscious reality,

But, these knots can lead to real tragedy.

Trying to seek true identity,

To bisect the angle of myth and reality,

But the effort is continuously affected,

By the reflection of fake and manipulative.

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