Swinging moods.

This way, that way, which way,

No way!

Well it’s something I can’t say.

Now, it’s Elation which I feel,

Oh wait,

What is this sadness that grips me?

Please don’t tell me it’s my mood swing.

I stop, I pause, I ceased me,

Well, now I am running from my mood swings.

Panicking like a child,

Changing my mind,

Like changing my clothes.

Dynamic like a tide,

My Heart is on a rollercoaster ride.

Fear, terror, laughs and temper,

Running to and fro in motion,

Fighting for their turn to come,

Impossible to bring them under domination.

In a blink of eye, i am darn shit crazy,

Then the other moment, I’ll be happy go lucky.

Sometimes I am sweet as candy,

That makes me fantastic and attractive.

But, my tongue can be sarcastic,

That’s when I become pathetic,

And a bit psychotic.

At times, I can be a chatterbox,

Unaware of the fact when to stop.

But my mood can make me quiet for hours,

Speechless and reserved,

Impossible to utter a single word.

Sometimes, my mood, swings by the music,

Changing its pattern so acoustic.

On certain days,

I enjoy white stroke of clouds in the sky,

I enjoy the whisper of leaves moved by.

But sometimes,

These details displease me,

I let myself sinking and drowning.

I wish I could be stable,

My mind wanders, it’s unsettled.

My mood swings, are hard to decipher,

Because it’s both packed and shattered.

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