A walking contradiction

I am a human, with entangled perceptions,

A walking contradiction,

With my perfectly flawed delusions.

A losing champion,

Of an ambulate confutation.

I am waiting for something,

Yet quite impatiently.

Staring at the demise,

With eyes full of life.

Listening to the silence,

In a room full of turbulence.

Finding an accurate edge,

On the circle of deceptive web.

I crave for my space, my seclusion,

Still demanding an undivided attention.

I am clumsy with my words,

Yet I write and write to make it clarion.

I rise to get strong and straighten,

But get stumbled into another contradiction,

Filling the void in me by forming another convolution.


What a contradictory life,

Paradoxical and disorganized.

But I learn from this turmoil of distractions,

I can never be consistent,

As I will be my walking contradiction.

via Daily prompt: Ghoulish


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