I fall in love, to rise.

With Shattering earth,

My sphere was in trance.

My words,

They began to beguile me,

My existence,

Was about to be crucified.

Then I started to fall,

But to fall in love with him,

A fall to ascend,

To respect my presence again.

He, my beginning and end of everything,

Who treated me like a treasure, not as a possession.

His amour made me strong and enduring,

Which doesn’t need any reassuring.

He has his own special way,

Of turning around my terrible day.

He teached me to turn my flaws,

To turn my demons into art,

My mistakes into my teachers,

My fears into my fuels.

Now, I rise like air,

With him, for him, towards him.


via Daily prompt: Ascend

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