Getting influenced by the surroundings around is quite a general thing. I can call it human nature, but taking inspiration and motivation or even learning a simple lesson from the surrounding is a nice approach. Truly speaking, writing has brought this change in me, increased my capabilities to appreciate the existence of anything and learning something out of it. Most of my post, they are generally inspired by my everyday surrounding.

Today’s post is also an inspiration from today itself. I’m writing this in a hospital waiting for my sister’s delivery. Hopefully everything will be normal. A Lot of posters are there, “prenatal sex determination is illegal” and about female foeticide.  So here comes a small poetry based on that.


“Listen to this life,

Her tiny ray of light.


Is the sound of Glass shattering,

A sharp music, with all the bells ringing.

Trapped inside a music box,

Like a spinning ballerina to and fro.

Dancing on her music,

Begging for her existence.

She is the tide,

That comes in and out.

She is the zig zag,

Of every straight line.

She is the book,

Yet to be written.

She is the story,

Yet to be woven.

She is the sentence,

Yet to be scripted.

She is the word,

Yet to be spoken.

Let her come,

To complete her story.

Don’t take her life,

Even before it begins.

via Daily Prompt: Exceptional

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