Compose your fire

One botch to see the real,

A failure to accept the information unclear,

A real lack of situational awareness,

Compromising the capabilities for accurate assessment.

World is filled with distrust,

Giving the scads of pain and tears.

World is filled with anger and hate,

To take your life one step back.


Believe in yourself,

For all your trouble and strife

You can construe it with a smile

You can clear grief clouds off your mind

Even if it’s coming to you for the hundredth time.

You can chase your dreams

You can light the fire of bliss.

You can control your desires and fears,

You can run or fly, far or near.

Believe in yourself,


The spinner of your  chaos,

The Weaver of your stories,

Carpenter of new creation,

The composer of your music.


Via daily prompt: Believe



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