The make up of life.

Do we like being stuck in a same position for so long? Yes and No. We want something new but definitely cannot let go of the old, whether it’s our old thoughts, habits, old ideas or anything else. We somehow make our old beliefs a part of ourselves with the thought that letting go of them will be a sin. We generally define ourselves as superficial as our appearances because we have this fear of being judged of who we really are. I hate the fact, and yes this is the fact that some people get judged for being who they really are while some are getting loved for being fake. You could be around a person your entire life, but that doesn’t mean you know them. Because fake is the new trend, and everyone is in the style. Our insecurity is the regular customer of this trend. We continue to compromise something beautiful to create something that is completely fake.

Where do we get our self-esteem? The general answer is, from our popularity, business success, health or the appearances. Well, we should be worried then. Because none of them can guarantee that we will have them tomorrow because they all come from superficial places.

We don’t trust our instincts, our power or our self-worth. In reality, we have created our own genius. We are in contact with our genius. We are just not listening to it. It is constantly saying to live the life rather than analysing it, to embrace our true self which radiates natural beauty of ourselves so confident which cannot be ignored. There is nothing more beautiful than unapologetically being ourselves, being comfortable in our perfect imperfections, to know our true self without any social pressure. We don’t need to create the mask to meet the masks of others. We don’t have to hurt ourselves by denying our truth just to appease others.

Someone will always be smarter, prettier than you, but they will never be you. All of your searching, struggling for your true self lies in your open relaxed simplicity, and not the superficial social stigma. You just have to let yourself in, curl up with the rawness and letting go of all the pretending.

via daily prompt: Superficial



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