Half truth

A 20 year old pizza delivery boy was working at the pizza corner for almost 4 years. He was known for his dedication and hard work for the entire work period. That was evident from the behavioural log book (daily entry about the behaviour at work) which was filled by the supervisor. As the time passed by, the supervisor became jealous of his hard work with the fear of losing his job to the delivery guy. Therefore, he started tormenting him indirectly in one or another way.

One night after delivering the pizza, the delivery guy got drunk. As he reached the pizza corner, the supervisor saw him drunk. This was his chance to defame his name. He immediately recorded in his log book, “the delivery guy was drunk”. Seeing this, the delivery guy got scared. He knew this comment would affect his career if this reaches to the head of the pizza corner. So he went to the supervisor, apologised and asked for the favour to add the line that it only happened once in his entire period of service. However the supervisor refused and said to the guy in a very calm yet refusing voice, “Whatever I had written in the log book was the truth. I can’t do anything”.

The delivery guy was heartbroken. He couldn’t force his senior to do anything in his favour. The next day, it was the turn of the delivery guy to fill the log book for his supervisor. He wrote,” Today, the supervisor was pleasing.” The supervisor read the comment and told him to explain it properly, not to emphasize the word “today” as it would imply that he was not sober for rest of the days. The guy then replied, “Whatever I had written in the log book was the truth”.

What a genius.

So the moral is, Beware of the half truths. You may have gotten hold of the wrong half. It will lead to misinterpretation of the truth. Sometimes half-truth becomes the basis of a great lie. You cannot omit or alter the specifics of any experience to satisfy your own needs and labeling your half-truth as a TRUTH, because  half-truth still contains your half lie.



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