A Beautiful Mess

I am scattered pieces of quotes,

Crazy words who needs to talk,

From my favourite book of lunacy.

And wants to be best chapter of crazy.

I am wicked, I am free,

To carve my own crazy destiny,

Finding a place in this world,

For my craziness to be authentic.

I Bring Chaos to the table,

To go all paranoid, but not stable.

I shout and laugh,

With no reasons so far.

I weep, I cry

Still with no idea, why.

This is my insanity, my craziness,

My flaws and my madness.

Will you accept me?

With my imperfections,

My follies, my past?

Can you handle my craziness,

And not label them as some weirdness.

But I can make sure,

I am a delightful chaos,

A beautiful mess.

Loving me will be a splendid adventure,

Neither more, nor less.


via Daily Prompt: Fashionable

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