The universe exist within me as much as I exist in the universe.

I am the universe, infinite in every direction, filled with immense thoughts and enthusiastic life expressing myself as a human for a little while. I am the strength, the finesse, the dynamicity. I claim my power from myself, trusting them and standing with the confidence in my own skin. I am the spirit not just with the five external senses of seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and feeling. I am much more than that. I recreated myself with colossal array of senses that describes my soul, the internal senses of peace, intuitions, empathy, love, trust and much more. I don’t divide my external senses from the internal ones. They together create a magic inside me while fighting and convincing each other, growing my senses even more sharper. I believe in derangement of my senses in order to obtain the unknown. They empower my strength, expand the vision beyond borders.

I have the incurably abstract intellect, a huge set of preconceptions and assumptions so numerous that I can never examine more than a minority of them, never become even conscious of them all. I am the unaware boundless spirit, discovering my energy continuously. I am the shine of every star, the current flowing in the cosmic ocean with constant changing tides, the energy of million suns and the tips of mountains that touches the sky.

No one is me and that is my power. I am unstoppable with my infinite potential. I am capable of giving immense love and loyalty, yet can be very atrocious whenever it’s required. I left my deepest fear of inadequacy, self-doubt and irresolution with my perseverance and self-belief. I am the creative power of universe and the universe is created within me.


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