A little help for happiness…

Today I want to share a very old, yet very sweet memory with you. I was travelling by the metro from my workplace to my home. There was not so much crowd that day. After a stop, the metro stopped and there was an announcement, “There is a short delay in this journey, we apologise for the inconvenience caused.” Most of the people got grumpy listening to the announcement. I was listening to the music but after some time, I realised that I had no idea which song I was listening to because I was so lost in observing the people around there. I was kind of enjoying that, reading their facial expressions and making up the stories by myself.

Suddenly I looked at a kid around 5-6 years old, who was sitting beside his mother asking her, “When will the train start”. His mother replied, “I don’t know kid. We can only wait.”

The kid was not satisfied with the answer. He was looking outside the window with his eyes wandering here and there. As I was saying, I was enjoying reading the facial expressions, this one also intrigued me. I started making some stories in my head. “What is he thinking? Is he trying to know the cause of this inconvenience? Is he thinking of doing something about it.” This is where something struck me. I said him, “The train will start when we start pushing” He was surprised and asked, “Really? So should I start pushing” I replied, “Just wait for some time. Not all the passengers are here. Let them come first.”

As I saw the green signal there, I shouted to the boy, “Now push with all of your strength” He and I started pushing in the direction of engine. There was an appeased smile on his face as the train started moving. I can’t explain the whole moment here. It was incredible. He was so excited and started to shout, “We did it! We did it!” It was like he had launched a missile or something. Now he was travelling in the metro which he helped to start. I could have told him the whole technical story about the faults in engine or signals, but I thought he will find out that eventually. He is a 6 year old kid. Let him enjoy this.

You see, it’s good to pause in the pursuit of happiness and just be happy. It’s not always necessary to find out the actual reason for happiness. Happiness is not something which is present in our circumstance, but in ourselves. It’s not about every achievement placed in a perfect order in your drawer of life, but stringing together a bunch of small pleasures.


10 Replies to “A little help for happiness…”

  1. Great read made me smile,
    I love the fact you allowed your own imagination the chance to encourage a young boys, I wish when I was on public transport more people would respond in the way you did, the world can be a magical place you just sometimes need someone to believe in it alongside you.

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  2. It made me really happy to read this.
    If all of us could have such a positive and lively approach towards life, if we all could see the happiness that lies just beneath our understanding of pain and misery and all this darkness, if we all could stop complicating scenarios and live for these little moments of utter joy, how much more satisfied and greatly content shall we be.
    Only if we could see with perception of a little boy staring outside the window, curious to make things work, to bring the good to life again.

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      1. Well, Sudhasini its really a matter of how you process your surroundings, because complications and simplicity all lie in our head, we control both the aspects, we choose to complicate or simplify.

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  3. It was nice nice story. I am glad to read your story. I like that part where you explained technical fault in engine. But i draw a conclusion whenever he fine himself in trouble he will try to push the problem. Excellent sharing.

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