A word with my subconscious mind..

“Dude, don’t change the story, I was there.”

I said, “How are you so sure that I am changing the story? You were not there. I did not allow you.”

“Oh really! I was there. I am still there and unfortunately for both of us, I will be there. And it’s not a coincidence, it’s an abiding truth. You have to live with it because you see, you are responsible for it.”

I kept quiet for some time, again lost in my story, with disoriented descriptions like an unfinished puzzle. A perfect example of contradictions, where I have no self-confidence yet filled with massive ego. Where I want to have no weaknesses yet all I want to do is to cry. Where I want to wake up happily yet I don’t want to wake up anymore. This is when I heard the voice again.

“Move on, it’s just a chapter in the past”

As I started moving on and trying to forget about it, it said again “Oh come on, don’t close the book, just turn the page”.

I got enraged and shouted, “What is wrong with you? Why are not leaving me? Why the hell are not allowing me to forget about it?”

It said with a very patient voice, “It’s not my fault. I am your selective memory. You chose me yourself.”

I replied, “I did not chose you. I wish I could choose my memories to remember, to relive it again.”

It said, “You are talking about happy memories, right? Well, you chose them too. It’s just that it’s not present in me, your selective memory. So, please, don’t make me your enemy. Don’t fill me with the stories which you don’t want to hear again. Fill some great memories too in me and make me your treasure. Enjoy your life now. It’s not a rehearsal but your movie where you can capture lots of snapshots to remember.”

via daily prompt: coincidence






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