Insignificant Existence

Words become more than words when one feels them into existence. I am writing this because I realized how we just emphasize on big significant things or moments around us with the impression that these are the ones which can affect our lifestyle, our thinking, and our perceptions. But we never really endorse the small petite things which also has the ability to influence your life.

Above there, either you can see the same blue sky every day or you see same stars just as some dots lying there. But have you ever noticed a single star continuously twinkling with the same energy as before? When I look at it, it tells me to shine continuously no matter how vast is the darkness. And there is nothing wrong in darkness. After all a certain darkness is needed to see the stars, to appreciate the brightness. Have you ever observe the dawn or sunset? Every time you see, it will have different shades of bright colours. Sometimes more red, sometimes a little. How dynamic these changes are. How beautiful these transformations are. Each one can tell a story to you. Each one can capture a beautiful moment with you.

World is a miracle, every last glorious inch of it. And I want to feel the existence of each instant, small or big because now I know there is no such thing as insignificant. If something exists, it has some role to play. You just have to perceive the importance of it.

I am incapable of drawing single stroke at any present moment. There is a lot to capture in that moment. Thousand unnoticed plants are noticed by me. I want to grow familiar with countless indescribable forms of insects and flies and the power of that invisible air which sustains us.

We say the world is unpredictable because we are unaware of the presence of so called insignificant existence. We are just focused in our own prime existence. Our thinking is ruled by forces of chances we get and the coincidences we strike with. These chances and coincidences are nothing but some fragment of life which goes unnoticed.

You might think you are not important in this world but you know maybe someone out there hears a song in radio and it reminds them of you. Someone remembers a joke you told him and he is laughing in the middle of the road. Someone remembers you every time he looked at a 10 rupee note because you gave him 10 rupee in time of his need.

So why can’t we give some importance to some trivial things and see what are they doing in our life? Very few people can appreciate the nice weather outside as first thing in the morning rather than getting ready for work and planning for the whole day schedule. Very few can appreciate that they are still alive to get the chance of making their day a masterpiece.

So there is no need for a significant moment or change in your life which can influence you or which is influence by you. Every crumb of living and non-living entity can be appreciated for their presence in your life.

Just want to say at last, It doesn’t matter if your glass is half empty or half full, just be grateful that you have a glass and there is something in it….



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