Nature’s majesty

Essence of nature

Everywhere we see,

The hill, the wind, even the bumblebee.

Rising of the blazing sun,

Following the dusk for the moon to come.

Flowers blooming through dirt,

Spread the fragrance and then accept to shed,

Bequeathing the next bud to floret.

Shifting of the season with subtle beginnings,

From warmth of the summer till winter’s chilling.

Flowing of the river, immersing itself in nature,

Meeting with the see while crossing the obstacles.

All of it has some importance,

Edifying the rule of nature and its essence,

To become a bit generous and patient.

So come, sense the nature’s rule

Never disobey its decree

It will teach you to live with harmony,

And composing the music none other planet has heard any.9158eabad36516ae581f3a1e308be4aa.temp

via Daily prompt: Disobey

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